One of the biggest dilemmas, every IIT aspirant faces is choosing the best institute. Visiting many institutes physically and virtually that are suggested to you are apparent. The catalogues, brochures and sample test papers received from various institutes look similar. They all seem to be equally promising and stress upon their commitment to excellent teaching. When we look at their results, all are nearly result oriented. Every coaching institute boasts about itself and have top scorers passed out from their institutes. Thus you are not sure whom to trust or which one would be apt for you. It becomes very confusing for the students to choose the right coaching for themselves. Best institute for JEE coaching, in a way, is a hunt for success!


Every premier coaching institute, you find, is best in their own way. The teaching methodology and the facilities given to their students is an important factor that student can consider while differentiating among the best ones. The coaching institutes for JEE run conventionally as well as on an online platform. There are students who cannot afford to travel across the cities or states or countries to get JEE coaching. They can opt for online coaching. It saves a lot of student’s time that is exhausted in attending different coaching institutes for different subjects.


Every JEE aspirant would want to join an institute that gives results. An ideal coaching institute not only focuses on JEE preparations but also prepares the students for boards to give a holistic learning. This also helps as a backup in case the students fail to qualify JEE, wherein they have an option to get admission in some good engineering college before he attempts JEE the next year. Moreover, as per government’s latest guideline, preference in final selection will be given to only those students, who secure good grades in their boards. Students do try to adjust their time between their schools and coaching institute. But coaching institutes should design and schedule their course in such a way that it doesn’t clash with the school course. Thus, it is important that the institute you choose concentrates on both – JEE preparations as well as boards.


Sending your children to far off cities and skeptical at the same time? Yes, parents do invest a good amount in admission fees and accommodation expenses of their children but are cautious concurrently. Though fee is a secondary issue for some but the matter of worry is that they don’t lose the track of their aim. Thus right decision should be taken at the first place. The online mode of coaching is one such platform that gives a new learning experience which is sustainable and result oriented. The students can now learn from the comfort of home and save time and money that usually incurs on travelling and accommodation (in case they are shifting to new city for coaching).


Every student has grasping power at different levels. Though top notch coaching institutes have been cultivating IITs from their teachings but the aspirants should consider their own level of understanding and comfort before deciding on one. “One size doesn’t fit all” is true in this sense!